All five grades of Porter Cable's metal cleaning and polishing compounds in one convenient package. Use these compounds for everything from aggressive heavy-duty cleaning (#1, or Black) to fine high-gloss polishing (#5, or Green). All are intended for use with a powered buffing wheel. Simply turn on your buffer, coat the wheel with compound, and you're ready to go.

  • #1 compound is Porter-Cable's most aggressive cut, formulated for aggressive cleaning of hard metals such as iron and steel
  • #2 compound is formulated for general-purpose cleaning of hard metals such as iron and steel
  • #3 compound is the most gentle of the cleaning compounds used before polishing begins. The slightly gentler cut is needed when cleaning and finishing softer metals
  • #4 compound is the first of the polishing compounds used after cleaning. Its gentle cut is perfectly suited for light buffing and polishing on all metals, and is ideal for brass hardware, tools and knives
  • #5 compound is the finest, most gentle polishing compound offered. It will work with all metals, and is excellent for putting a mirror finish on brass hardware, jewelry, tools and knives

Porter-Cable PCPMX Metal Cleaning/Polishing Compounds

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