Don't get stuck in the dark. Atomic Beam USA is the ultra-bright tactical flashlight. It's one of the most powerful flashlights on earth. Ordinary flashlights might put out a feeble 125 Lux, but Atomic Beam USA uses an LED that puts out up to an incredible 5000 LUX. That's 40 times more. Use the focus feature for a super-bright spotlight that can be seen from miles away or the powerful strobe to stun an intruder. The tough-grade aluminum case can withstand almost any abuse. It's compact and lightweight so you can take it anywhere. Light up the night with Atomic Beam USA.

  • A adjustable 5 beam mode allows you to choose from high, medium, low, strobe and S.O.S. functions
  • Tough grade aluminum casing Atomic Beam USA is lightweight and portable yet can withstand almost any abuse
  • Shines up to an incredible 5,000 LUX
  • 2,000 times zoom function

LED Multi Mode Flashlight

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