The new All-Pro LED Twin Head Round Flood fixtures utilize the latest in LED technology for maximum light output in a low-profile, compact housing. This design is ideal as a direct replacement for traditional styles, producing the equivalent of a 150-Watt incandescent fixture. Available in white or bronze, they can be wall or eave mounted for a wide range of applications. All-Pro LED outdoor security lighting provides the safety of super bright lighting, energy savings up to 90%, and the convenience of 1-time installation without re-lamping.

  • Fixture is built to last with maintenance-free energy efficient LEDs with 70,000 hours of life (equivalent to 32 years at 6 hours per day), eliminating your need to use and replace bulbs while also saving you money on your energy bill
  • Die-cast metal housing
  • 1600-Lumens provides good brightness without being overwhelming
  • 5000K daylight color temperature influences alertness and awareness, ideal for outdoor security applications
  • Switch controlled on/off operation for more hands-on control

Halo Twin-Head White Integrated LED Outdoor Security Round LED Flood Light

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