Eco Cork Foam is the only patented Class 1 all-in-one combo underlayment, designed for the life of all United States climate zones. Industry’s acclaimed Eco Cork Foam combines virgin cross-linked polyethylene foam with one of nature’s best acoustical and buoyancy material, granulated cork and fuses an accredited 6 mil moisture vapor barrier with an overlap that collectively, provides a Class 1 vapor impermeable rating to prevent the build-up and penetrability of moisture from double-layering a plastic barrier sheeting. Eco Cork Foam is built with flooring’s highest standards in strength, performance and durability and with its proper thickness; best insures that flooring compliances are maintained for the life of the flooring warranty, plus it makes all floors sound more solid. Eco Cork Foam has an accredited third party USA acoustical certification and with its proprietary technology, ensures the most important, a long-lasting impact isolation and airborne noise reduction. Eco Cork Foam functions continuously in all four seasons. It can be used for all floating wood floor installations in residential above and below grade (basements) installations, wood and concrete subfloors, high rises and commercial applications.

  • For use with laminate, engineered and hard wood flooring systems
  • Patented cross-linked polyethylene with cork and a fused 6 mil moisture barrier ensures all acoustical and anti-moisture properties perform 100% for the life of the flooring
  • A combo underlayment in a 75 sq. ft. floor-coverage roll size provides more savings and less waste
  • 0.126 in./3.2 mm thickness provides for greater subfloor leveling and uniform cushioning support to help extend the life of the flooring system
  • Fused 6 mil moisture vapor barrier can save flooring material and labor costs and helps prevent the creation and permeability of moisture from double-layering a plastic barrier sheeting of any grade and thickness
  • Highest level, Class 1 vapor impermeable rating for a lifetime of moisture protection ASTM E-96: (0.1 lb. per 1000 ft. 2/24 hours / perm 0.005)
  • Proprietary foam cell technology produces unsurpassable Longevity; superior compression and elasticity properties insures a flooring systems best adaptation to settling and shifting while upholding tongue-and-groove flooring connection
  • Non-stop functioning acoustical barrier - best able to maintain impact isolation and airborne noise reduction properties under seasonal indoor humidity changes and flooring loads
  • USA independently acoustically tested over a thin concrete subfloor and a maximum floor thickness to yield trustworthy results (IIC73 / STC 66 - Acoustical tests are fully disclosed)
  • Included a 40 lin. ft. non-dehydrating contractor grade moisture and sound sealing roll of tape in each Eco Cork Foam roll that best insures a lifetime seal on length and width of underlayment
  • Anti-microbial defense ultra-fresh to help ensure everlasting mold and mildew protection
  • Accredited indoor air quality low Total Volatile Organic Compound (TVOC) plus accredited low organic leaching emissions to protect fresh water ecosystem

Eco Cork Foam 75 sq. ft. 3 ft. x 25 ft. x 3.2 mm Waterproof Premium Plus 10-in-1

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