Lightweight and fast, the DEWALT High Speed VSR Drywall Scrugun is ideal for fastening drywall to wood and light-gauge metal studs. It can also be used for steel stud framing up to 20-gauge. It features a depth-sensitive, “set and forget” nosepiece for consistent fastener depth. The 2-finger, rubber trigger offers increased comfort for all-day work.

  • High-speed transmission for production drywall hanging
  • Helical-cut steel, heat-treated steel gears for long life and durability
  • Depth-sensitive, set and forget nosepiece for consistent fastener depth
  • Lightweight, 2.9 lb. design with ergonomic grip for easier overhead cuts and less user fatigue
  • Steel stud framing up to 20-gauge
  • Fastens drywall to wood and light gauge metal studs

DeWalt Drywall Scrugun DW255

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