The Crescent Self-Adjusting Pipe Wrench features a unique head design that instantly grips and releases pipes and other types of fasteners with a fast ratcheting action. It is ideal for most surfaces including black iron, galvanized, PVC and copper pipes, as well as nuts, bolts and couplings. The spring-loaded head features a quick-grip and quick-release function that allows the wrench to be used with one-hand.

  • Fast racheting action with self-adjusting head
  • 5/8 - 1-1/2 In. capacity
  • Simple, one-handed operation
  • Made by the world-famous Crescent brand
  • Grip and hold pipes or fasteners with simple one-handed operation
  • Spring-loaded 5/8 in. to 1-1/2 in. jaw capacity
  • Double the gripping power of traditional tongue-and-groove pliers
  • Self-adjusting head design instantly grips or releases, providing fast ratcheting action
  • Ideal for most surfaces, including black iron, galvanized, PVC and copper pipe, as well as nuts, bolts and couplings
  • Unique angled tooth configuration grips tighter
  • Slim profile head design allows better access to tight areas
  • Dual material grip provides added comfort and durability
  • Black oxide finish wipes clean easily and resists rust or corrosion

Crescent 12 in. Self-Adjusting Pipe Wrench

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