The perforated design of this grilling basket allows for proper airflow while preventing foot from falling through.


Black Non-Stick Coating

A black non-stick coating covers this grilling basket for easy cleaning after use.


Handles for Easy Carrying

Handles on the ends of this basket make it easy to take on and off the grill.

Whether you are creating side dishes or “one-pot meals”, this Wok is perfect for creating sautés and stir-fries on the grill. Add chopped veggies or diced meat or poultry to the pan and place it on the grill alongside the main entree. It makes grilling delicate or small foods easy. Juices drain out of the perforations while the ingredients stay inside the wok. The large wok holds an impressive 12 to 14 cups of food.

  • 2 handle for easy transport from the grill to the table
  • Non-stick means cleaning up is a breeze
  • Great for everything from veggies to seafood and stir-fry
  • Holds 12 to 14 cups

Charcoal Companion Large Non-Stick Square Wok

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