Commercial Electric Under Cabinet Bar offers 3 different sizes in 12 in., 18 in. and 24 in. for option. Wrap around lens provide large brightness through lens, even light distribution, no hot spots, warm white light 3000K LED color temperature is similar to halogen fixtures. Aluminum construction offers cool operating temperature, cool to touch and durable use. Lasts 50,000-hours continuous use, no bulb to change, maintenance free. 5-years warranty, high quality product. It has three range switch, High/Off/Low. High is with full brightness, Low is with 30% brightness. Color Rendering Index is 95, reflects nature of the illuminated subject. It is plug in, perfect for providing under or over cabinet lighting in your kitchen, home office or studio.

  • White painted finish
  • Linkable, 9-units maximum
  • Plug in, compatible with direct wire junction box (SKU494469), sold separately
  • 750-Lumens output, 11.5-Watt, 65.22-Lumens/watt, 3000K, CRI95, equivalent to 26-Watt of fluorescent light
  • ENERGY STAR listed, 5-years warranty and 50,000-hours of operating life
  • Equipped with HI/OFF/LOW switch for easy operation
  • Indoor and dry location use only
  • ETL listed

CE 12 in. LED White Linkable Plug In Under Cabinet Light

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