The VinylFix Mix2Match Repair Kit was developed as an easy customized repair solution for WPC, linoleum, vinyl, vinyl composition tile (VCT), luxury vinyl tile and plank. This kit allows you to repair many different types of damage on flooring and molding. The VinylFix Kit contains eight different pigments to allow for endless color combinations, all assisted by the included 28 color formulas and instructions customized for LVT, VCT and vinyl. The beige acrylic-based putty is designed to fill the damage with a strong bond and flex along with the floor in its changing conditions. This means that the filler will not break up or pop out of the repaired vinyl surface. The enclosed booklet includes both simplified and detailed instructions for repairing damage, as well as tips on applying an easy grain or marbling effect. Great for DIY and professionals. Kit includes: beige putty, 8 pigments, lacquer, mixing bowl, stir stick, measuring board, spatula, graining stick, lacquer brush, 28 color formulas, detailed instructions.

  • Custom repairs for WPC, linoleum, vinyl, VCT, luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring and molding
  • All-inclusive kit, includes tools and sealant to complete your project
  • 28 easy-to-follow vinyl formulas or create your own color
  • Easy to mix, easy to apply, dries quickly
  • Solvent free, wax-free
  • Create a matching grain or marbling effect

CalFlor VinylFix Vinyl Flooring Repair Kit

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