The Brondell CleanSpa Luxury Handheld Bidet in Silver provides a refreshing and cleansing bidet wash in the palm of your hand. The elegant and ergonomic stainless steel hand sprayer is simple to use and offers several mounting options. The CleanSpa is a DIY installation on any standard toilet and connects to the existing water supply. The solid metal T-valve (with brass core) offers full pressure adjustability, backflow prevention and complete water shutoff. The extra-long flexible spiral metal hose includes a woven inner core for reliable performance.

  • Ergonomic stainless steel hand sprayer
  • All-metal T-valve with water pressure control for spray adjustability
  • Metal spiral hose with inner woven core
  • Sprayer holster that can be mounted to your wall or toilet
  • Brass core T-valve with water shutoff (advanced safety)
  • Doesn't require electricity or batteries
  • Easy installation on all toilet fixtures

Brondell CleanSpa Luxury Handheld Bidet in Silver

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