Black Flag BZ-15 provides extremely effective insect control, using advanced circuit board technology to lure and kill all types of mosquitoes and flying insects. Black Flag is the #1 most recognized bug zapper brand, simply because of reputation and efficacy. This Black Flag bug zappers powerful voltage lets you hear and see it working to keep flying pests away from you.

  • 4500 volts of power
  • UV white light attracts and kills flying insects
  • Kills mosquitoes, biting flies, yellow jackets, wasps and more
  • Half-acre coverage
  • Uses 30% less energy than most other bug zappers
  • Provides 20% more bulb life with superior brightness
  • Includes mosquito Octenol lure with 30-day continuous release
  • Position unit at least 20 feet away from areas of human activity

BLACK FLAG 15-Watt Electric Bug Zapper

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