Hand blown Glass 10” Solar LED Garden Orb with durable, long lasting and fade-resistant color. This beautiful Garden Orb will add a pop of color to your garden patio or porch. At night, the LED offers soft-ambient light. Each piece is created by our seasoned blown glass artist. The solar LED panel is brilliantly hidden inside the base of the orb, allowing it to be charged by the sun.

Just turn the LED switch ON one time and the embedded Solar light sensor will automatically switch ON/OFF based on light exposure. The Hand blown Glass 10” Solar LED Garden Orb operates most effectively when it has the maximum sun exposure to recharge its battery. Keep away from water sprinklers.


  • Fade-resistant glass orb
  • LED solar light
  • 100% hand blown glass
  • Perfect for any patio or yard

10” Hand Blown Glass Solar LED Garden Orb Blue

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